Experienced Attorneys Represent California Homeowner and Community Associations

Accomplished law firm helps to manage your common-interest development in the Temecula area

When disputes affect one's home, there are bound to be emotional reactions that complicate matters, potentially leading to additional time and expense. If you're part of the leadership in a homeowners association or similar community association in the Temecula area or California, you need a dedicated advocate with strong knowledge of California condominium and homeowner association law. Barth Law has the experience and skill to resolve these issues in the most efficient manner possible.

Knowledgeable advocates handle a full range of issues facing HOAs

Our firm represents homeowners and community associations with all types of challenges, including:

  • Covenant violations — Residential associations cannot survive without enforcement of the rules that define the group. Still, many members pursue individual exceptions, even in court. We advise board members and staff on the best practices for ensuring compliance with community covenants.
  • Collections issues — Required dues often go unpaid because of financial issues or as a protest of some association policy. Our attorneys help you handle the process professionally and avoid problems that can occur when neighbors are assigned to obtain funds.
  • Member complaints — Minor quibbles about conditions and rules can quickly turn into protracted disputes that prevent residential associations from completing their necessary work. We can address these concerns promptly before major problems ensue.

For these problems and others, Barth Law provides dedicated counsel to help homeowners associations handle these matters with the least possible expense and aggravation.

Skillful attorneys advise on liability and other concerns pertaining to common areas

Frequently, condominium and homeowners associations spend a lot of time dealing with questions about maintenance and activities within the common areas. If someone is violating rules by damaging common areas or creating unsafe spaces that could expose the association to negligence claims, we can deal with both the legal and practical aspects of administering the relevant regulations.

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